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Gargoyle Studio

the studio of Mike Varty

Producer, Composer, Keyboard Player

Gargoyle Studio is a small, private studio run by musician / producer Mike Varty. The studio offers recording facilities, pre and post-production, engineering, arrangement, composition and support to a number of bands.  


The studio is equipped with a 64 channel mixer, 32 channels of digital I/O, ProTools, Cubase, UAD Plugins and many of Mike's keyboards, including some of the old analogue variety!

The studio is the recording home of bands like Credo, Landmarq and Infinite Sunday.  Mike also engineers, arranges and produces a number of other bands here as well as composing sound track music for various small films and animations

This is a short animation by Steve McCombe entitled 'A Spot Of Rain'. The music was written, played and recorded here at Gargoyle Studio by Mike with the help of a few fellow musicians (Ian Salmon on guitar, Stephen Davies on double bass and Sam Collins on vocals).

More videos on the Gargoyle's Mouth YouTube channel

Here are some of the studio's projects

Landmarq has a long history spanning 30 years, and Mike has been their producer for the last 3 albums, Entertaining Angels, RoadSkill and Origins, as well as playing keyboards in the band.  Landmarq is currently writing a new album, with writing sessions being split between Gargoyle Studio and rehearsals.

Landmarq - progressive rock band

Jazz Chillout with Psychedelia comes to the studio with Infinite Sunday.  This is a collaboration of celebrated jazz musician Sue McCreeth, jazz/rock/funk guitarist Ian Salmon, with keyboard / production textures from Mike.  Their current album was recorded, produced, mixed and mastered here at Gargoyle Studio.

Infinite Sunday - Jazz Chiilout, Ambient, Psychedelia & Sue McCreeth

Credo are currently using the studio to write and arrange their fourth album.  Mike is the keyboard player and producer for the band.  The internet is used to the full in Credo with 3 members of the band using Cubase to share the song-writing and Mike in the studio doing the heavy lifting on the pre-production side.

Credo - progressive rock band

Tinyfish are a South London group who describe themselves as "the world's smallest progressive rock band". Their modesty belies their size and great musicianship! After assisting the band with studio work on their DVD (One Night On Fire), Mike was asked to co-produce their album Big Red Spark.

Tinyfish - progressive rock with the spoken word


Herefordshire, United Kingdom